What Are Some Common Housekeeping Procedures for Hotel Guest Rooms?


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Common housekeeping procedures for hotel guest rooms include making the bed and emptying wastebaskets. Hotels provide daily housekeeping services, although the cleaning staff do not enter a room with a "do not disturb" sign on the door. If there is no sign on the door, housekeepers knock before entering. Marriott hotels require housekeepers to knock three times.

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When cleaning a hotel guest room, a housekeeper usually begins by changing the sheets before making the bed. The housekeeper then wipes down all surfaces, including the nightstand and telephone, vacuums the carpet and cleans the bathroom.

The housekeeper leaves fresh supplies such as towels and washcloths and toiletries, such as soap and shampoo. In some hotels, housekeepers only supply fresh towels and washcloths on request. If there is a mini bar in the room, the housekeeper may restock it. If there are other items a hotel provides, such as stationery or laundry bags, a housekeeper is responsible for checking the items and replacing them as needed. The housekeeper may also look at the alarm clock to see if it is working and whether the alarm is shut off.

When a housekeeper exits the room, he vacuums the carpet to ensure he has not missed any debris.

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