What Are Some Common Features of Luxury RV Parks?

Some common features of luxury RV parks include private docks, outdoor sports courts and equipment, well-maintained grounds, pools and incredible views. These parks often cost as much as a night at a hotel in exchange for the luxurious surroundings, notes DoItYourselfRV.com.

Campers traveling with their own accommodations may want to look into staying at pricier luxury RV parks. These parks provide extra amenities not usually seen at the standard campgrounds.

  • Waterfront sites: Many luxury parks are near the ocean or large lakes and have prime spots near the water. Some of these parks also feature private docks.
  • Clubhouses and spas: Higher-end parks may boast nice clubhouses with pools and even spas where guests can relax.
  • Outdoor activities: Parks like to keep visitors entertained with activities and features such as tennis and basketball courts or golfing.
  • Cottages: In addition to RV-sized lots, some park lots also have small cottages for guests looking to get out of the RV for a night or two.
  • Close attractions: Some RV parks are built very close to local attractions so guests can walk over to them. For instance, Laurel Pond Luxury Wilderness RV Park in Cream Ridge, New Jersey is just two minutes from Six Flags.
  • Concierge services: Luxury RV parks go the extra mile with concierge services such as dog walking, dry cleaning and personal shopping.