What Are Common Complaints at Hotels?

According to a study by J.D. Power and Associates, one of the most common complaints about hotels is about surcharges to use their wireless Internet service, or that the service is slow and unreliable. Other common complaints involve noise and deferred maintenance issues.

Intrusive noise is a common complaint in hotels. Many hotels are built with thin walls between rooms or gaps under the front door that allow hallway or parking lot noise. Hotel rooms may also have a conjoining door between two rooms that a gap that is not sealed for noise; though these rooms are primarily intended for families who want connecting rooms, hotels often rent connected rooms to guests who are not together. J.D. Power reports that only about half of hotel guests report a noise problem to management.

Maintenance of the room is also a common issue. Guests commonly complain about dead batteries in the remote and electrical equipment that does not work.

Other common complaints found by the J.D. Power study include odors in the room, general room cleanliness, and problems with temperature control and ventilation. It is also not uncommon for guests to complain about a lack of electrical outlets or limited breakfast hours.