What Are Common Amenities at Truck Stops?


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Common truck stop amenities include fuel, mechanic's services, trucking supply stores, restaurants, convenience stores, restrooms, showers, Wi-Fi, telephones, CAT scales, ATMs, game rooms and laundry facilities. Some may have mail, shipping, banking or medical services on site.

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What Are Common Amenities at Truck Stops?
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Truck stops have been providing fuel, food and a place to rest for interstate and highway travelers since the 1940s. No longer just a place to get gas and a place to park a large truck overnight, some modern facilities provide truckers and motorists with an impressive array of amenities. They all serve basic traveller's needs, such as gas, snacks and bathrooms, but in addition, some truck stops have fast food chain restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, conference rooms, chapels, movie theaters, gyms, bowling alleys, chiropractor's offices or an on-site masseuse. These elaborate truck stops have been re-branded as "travel plazas" or "travel centers" to make them appealing to a broader customer base.

Truck stops are easily found, as they are generally located directly off of major highways and interstates. There are websites available to help search for nearby facilities, such as TruckStopGuide.com, and there are also many apps available for mobile devices that feature truck stop locations, customer ratings, listings of amenities, maps and chat functions.

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