What are some of the common amenities on a new cruise ship?


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Common amenities on new cruise ships are a greater number of rooms that offer windows or balconies and more onboard restaurant and dining options. Newer ships also commonly have spas, recreational facilities such as basketball courts or miniature golf courses, and multiple pools and waterslides.

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What are some of the common amenities on a new cruise ship?
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Cruise ships have gotten larger as time has progressed, offering more passenger capacity as well as a greater number and variety of amenities. It is becoming progressively more common to find ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, indoor and outdoor movie theaters, and other major focal points onboard. The particular ones vary greatly by ship. In addition to these static amenities, newer cruise ships are also offering a greater number of shows and types of entertainment. This often includes comedians, magicians, talent shows, art classes and arranged social gatherings. New venues for these activities are often available on newer ships, such as nightclubs, art galleries and game rooms. Many cruise companies offer the option online to sort their fleets of cruise ships by amenities offered, and customers can choose what the most important facilities and services are to them. On these cruiselines' websites, customers can also browse the different options that each boat offers to find various experiences and features that are often completely unique to one particular ship.

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