What Are the Most Common Facts About Africa?

common-africa Credit: Hermann Erber / LOOK-foto/LOOK/Getty Images

Africa is the second largest among the seven traditionally recognized continents in the world, which include Asia, South America, North America, Antarctica, Australia and Europe. As of 2015, Africa is also the second most populous continent.

Africa houses some of the world's most prominent geographical features and natural landmarks, including the Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains, Nile River and Mount Kilimanjaro. It is also home to a rich biodiversity, including the largest-remaining populations of elephants, rhinoceroses, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and lions, which roam the continent's sweeping savannas.

Most African countries are also known to be exceedingly poor and underdeveloped, where a significant number of people, particularly children, suffer from malnutrition. The incidence of malaria and HIV cases is also extremely high in Africa.