What Do the Colors of the Bahamas Flag Mean?

The yellow stripe in the middle of the Bahamas flag represents the sun as well as the sandy beaches that line the 700 Bahamian islands. The two aqua blue stripes on the top and bottom represent the ocean waters that surround the islands. There is a black, equilateral triangle on the left side of the flag that points right and symbolizes the Bahamian nations that are unified in vigour and force.

The Bahamian flag was adopted on July 10, 1973, the year that the nation gained independence from Britain, a rule that lasted from 1783 to 1973. Previous versions of the Bahamian flag included a British union jack.

The original design for the current Bahamian flag included two yellow stripes and only one aqua stripe. However, this one was denied, and the stripes were reversed. All three of the stripes are of equal length and width. The design in its entirety is meant to symbolize the natural landscapes of the country. The black triangle symbolize not only strength, but also the determination of the Bahamian people to develop and receive riches from the land.

There are national rules on how the flag can be used for certain events. For instance, during a funeral, the flag is draped over the coffin, covering the top completely.