What Are Some Facts About Colombia?


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Columbia is a South American country that borders the countries of Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and Peru, and was established July 20th, 1810. The national currency is the Colombian peso, the national language Spanish and the national religion is Roman Catholic.

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Columbia is the only South American country to have coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The Andes mountain range runs through the country, which causes the population to be scattered throughout the nation. Some live on the beaches and coastlines while others live in mountain valleys. Most of the population of Columbia claim to be of mixed ethnicity, with 1 percent claiming to be natives and 20 percent claiming to be of European descent.

Columbia has a very violent history, with a series of wars claiming the lives of thousands of people, including both a civil war in 1899 and a war known as La Violencia in 1948. Columbia is also known for its coffee beans, which make up a large amount of the economy and coffee sales around the world. Many of the world's emeralds come from Columbia, as does much of the gold, platinum and silver. The country has high levels of coal production, too.

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