What Clothing Styles Are Worn in Cuba?


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Cubans tend to wear clothing that is colorful and lightweight with its most famous garment being the guayabera shirt. Fashion is heavily influenced by that of Spain and portions of Africa.

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What Clothing Styles Are Worn in Cuba?
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According to online travel guide Globe Rove the guayabera, also known as the Havana shirt, cigar shirt or Mexican wedding shirt, features two to four pockets along with intricate embroidery work. This shirt is typically worn by men. Women, on the other hand, more often wear boldly colored and patterned shirts, skirts and dresses. It is not unusual to see a woman wearing clothing covered in polka dots, for example.

Insight Cuba indicates that women sometimes wear their own version of the guayabera. However, while the male version of the shirt is most often made of white cotton or linen, the female version is available in a wide range of colors as well as in a dress version. The website reports that many people believe the guayabera originated with Cuban farm workers who converted linen sheets into shirts with pockets large enough to hold cigars so that when they were ready to take a smoke break, their cigars were with them. Male and female dignitaries wear guayaberas to official state functions.

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