What is the clothing style in Spain?


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According to Idealspain, the clothing style in Spain is rather modern, high quality and modest. While it is popular in Spain to wear fashionable clothing, quality is usually valued more. The styles depend on the age and gender of the individual, but in general, the clothing tends to be conservative.

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For younger people in Spain, clothing is about appearance. Brand names, fashionable styles and clothing quality is very important. Girls tend to wear trousers, and denim is quite fashionable. Adults in Spain dress conservatively and with an eye for quality rather than fashion. Most areas of Spain frown on scantily clad tourists and tourists who dress in the fashion of their home country.

The Barcelona Tourist Guide mentions the change in fashion for the changes in season. Cool weather brings with it heavy clothing, and warm weather brings out lighter fabrics and a tendency toward skirts, dresses and light shirts.

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