What Is the Climate Like in Sicily, Italy?

climate-like-sicily-italy Credit: Piero Damiani/Moment Open/Getty Images

Sicily, Italy is located in the Mediterranean climate zone, also called the dry summer subtropical climate. The Mediterranean climate is characterized by moderate temperatures, wet winters and dry summers.

Only 2 percent of the Earth's surface is categorized as Mediterranean climate, making Sicily's climate uncommon. The island's temperatures are moderated by the warm Mediterranean sea and its proximity to the equator.

Sicily's precipitation cycles are impacted by alternating jet streams in the Mediterranean. Precipitation is low in the summer (June, July and August are the driest months) and high in the winter (October, November and December are the wettest months).

The Sirocco winds, which originate in Arabia and the Sahara, are an important factor in Sicily's climate. They produce storms and cold, wet weather in Sicily by pushing a mix of continental and maritime air across southern Europe.