What Is the Climate Like in Paraguay?


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According to USA Today, the climate of Paraguay varies depending on the time of year and location within the country but is subtropical with an average temperature of 75 F. As Paraguay is in the southern hemisphere, its summer runs from October to April and winter from May through September. The northern part of Paraguay is dryer and more arid, while the south, with its rainforests, is more humid.

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What Is the Climate Like in Paraguay?
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July tends to be the coolest month for Paraguay, and nightly frosts are not uncommon during this time of year. This cooler weather is aided with cool air from Antarctica. Lack of elevation changes in Paraguay make the summer months tougher, as there are not many places to escape the heat. Summer temperatures can reach 105 F.

World Travel Guide recommends visiting Paraguay between June and September, as the temperature tends to be cooler, and rainfall is heaviest in Paraguay from December to March. Rainwear is also recommended throughout the year in Paraguay, and the eastern portions bordering Brazil have even higher rainfall than the rest of the country. Southeastern Paraguay is on average cooler than the northwest. Paraguay's biggest climate danger in certain parts is drought, and the strong winds can lead to wildfires.

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