What Is the Climate Like in France?

climate-like-france Credit: Jeroen P - Iwillbehomesoon.com/Moment Open/Getty Images

The weather conditions France depend on which region of the country is under consideration. The Encyclopedia Britannica divides the nation into three broad climate classifications. These include the Oceanic, Continental and Mediterranean regions.

Each of the three climate areas in France has its own unique weather patterns. Most of the country is within the Earth's temperate zone. The nation as a whole falls under the influence of weather patterns that occur because of the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Oceanic region lies in the northwest part of the country and is characterized by strong winds and moderate rainfall. This region sees low annual temperature variations as a rule. The Continental region, which includes Paris and much of the northeast and central parts of the country, experiences rather cold winters and rainy summers.

The Mediterranean region of southern France experiences mild winters and summers that are warm and dry. The area suffers from high winds called mistrals. Much of the rain that occurs in the region tends to fall in downpours during the spring and summer. The mountains in the region have their own climate, with snow covering some mountains for many months of the year.