What Is the Climate Like in Cuba?


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The climate of Cuba is defined as semitropical or temperate, according to Encyclopedia of the Nations. The country's average low temperature throughout the year is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average high temperature is 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Despite the tremendous heat in spring and summer seasons, coastal areas of Cuba are well-populated because of the strong breezes that blow in off the ocean. Many of the same hurricanes that impact the coast of Florida wreak havoc on Cuban coasts as well. These storms put a huge dent in the economy of the country, and the financial well-being of poorer populations, as locals in Cuba produce sugercane and mine raw materials, such as nickel, timber and iron ore, for income.

It also rains heavily in Cuba from May through October. Encyclopedia of the Nations indicates that lowland areas of the country receive an average rainfall between 35 and 55 inches each year. During the non-rainy seasons, droughts often occur, impeding the efficient production of crops.

The southeastern end of Cuba has a significant mountainous region that experiences somewhat distinct climate conditions. In addition to cooler air, the mountains receive more rainfall. Encyclopedia of the Nations indicates the average annual rainfall is approximately double that of the lowlands, at around 70 inches.

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