What Is the Climate Like in Brazil?

climate-like-brazil Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Brazil's climate varies a great deal across the country, with five distinct climatic regions. This variability arises because of wide deviations in altitude of the land, as well as differences in the distance from the ocean.

Much of the western part of Brazil has a humid equatorial climate. Trade winds that converge in this region lead to heavy annual rainfall and hot temperatures. This region is home to massive swaths of rain forest. East of the rain forest is a large tropical region, which has humid winters and dry summers. This region covers much of central Brazil.

The northeast area of Brazil includes a semi-arid region, which receives much less rainfall and has modest deserts. Along the coast, the climate is humid and warm. This thin strip of climatic environment stretches along the entire seaboard. Finally, the southern reaches of Brazil have a humid sub-tropical climate, with rain generated by the nearby oceans.