What Is the Climate of the Congo Rainforest Like?

Guenter Guni/E+/Getty Images

The Congo rainforest is high in humidity with averages from 80 to 90 percent. The temperature remains relatively stable year round with averages from 68 to 80 F. The Congo rainforest is very wet for most of the year.

There are two primary seasons in the Congo rainforest. The first season is composed of several months of heavy rain. The second season is drier with not as much precipitation. The rainy season typically begins in March and lasts into November. The total amount of rainfall received each year is close to 60 inches. It rains around 120 days per year.

The temperature does not fluctuate nearly as much as the precipitation between the two seasons. The temperature for most of the region ranges between 68 and 80 F. However, there are some areas in the Congo rainforest where the temperature can dip as low as 50 F due to unique geography.

The Congo rainforest contributes to the collective 30 percent of the world’s oxygen supplied by rainforests. The region is also rich in plant life, several common foods and medicinal drugs. The Congo rainforest is the second largest rainforest in the world, and the Congo River is the second largest river.