Which Cities Have Nonethanol Gas Stations?


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Many Canadian cities have ethanol-free gas stations. In British Columbia alone, there are non ethanol stations Prince George, Vancouver and Victoria. In Quebec, there are ethanol-free stations in Aylmer, Montreal and Rosemere. Alberta has stations in Calgary, Edmonton and Edson.

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Which Cities Have Nonethanol Gas Stations?
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In Canada, Shell-V Power gas stations sell non ethanol gas. In British Columbia, Chevron 94 stations sell ethanol-free gas. Some Ontario ethanol-free stations are Ultramar 91, Costco 91 and Canadian Tire 91. In Western Canada, CO-OP Premium stations offer non ethanol gas to motorists. In New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, PEI offers premium grade-gasoline. Pure-Gas.org has listings by province and city, where ethanol-free gas stations are located. This website also lists ethanol-free stations in the United States by state and city.

Gasoline that contains ethanol can cause damage to vehicle engines, according to Bell Performance. Gasoline with an ethanol mixture absorbs water naturally. When a vehicle is not used for a period of time, fuel separation can occur, which means that water and gas are layered in the tank. This can result in the engine sucking up water, which causes damage. Vintage vehicles can have problems running correctly with gasoline that contains ethanol. Ethanol is an alcohol that can cause corrosion, rusting and damage to the fuel system of a vehicle.

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