What Cities Are Near the Western Cordillera Mountain Range?

cities-near-western-cordillera-mountain-range Credit: Tadd and Debbie Ottman/CC-BY 2.0

The Western Cordillera mountain range, also called the North American Cordillera, is near Vancouver, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Albuquerque. It covers most of the western part of the United States and Canada, and it even extends from Alaska to Mexico.

The older Appalachian Mountains on the east coast are more eroded than the taller, more recently formed Western Cordillera. The cordillera's deep gorges and towering mountains make it a great place for nature lovers to visit. People can also see geysers and other geothermal formations at Yellowstone National Park. The boundaries of the Western Cordillera are different for people in different countries.