How Do You Choose Replacement Headlights?


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To choose replacement headlights, get to know the types of headlights available; consider the replacement headlight requirements, such as style and safety; and take into account the bulb type and number required. Also, consider the cost, lifespan and maintenance of the headlights.

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To learn more about the types of headlights available in the market, read a book on car maintenance. Understand that the different headlight types have different features. For example, tungsten headlights lend the car a classy appearance; xenon headlights are more suitable for luxury vehicles, improve visibility, and are costly; and halogen bulbs are less expensive, give a brighter light, and are long lasting.

Consider the reason for a headlight replacement, such as if it is to improve the car's design or to have a brighter light. For cars driven over long distances, choose a long-lasting headlight, while for cars driven occasionally but at night, opt for a bright-burning bulb. If required, purchase a restoration kit along with the headlight to help maintain the bulb and increase its lifespan.

Read the owner's manual to know how many bulbs the car requires, and check which connections and pin size are necessary. Keep in mind the vehicle's model and make when selecting a headlight.

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