Do Chinese people eat dogs?


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People in various regions of China have been eating dog meat since 500 B.C. It is eaten as a daily meat, for medicinal purposes and as a source for food in war and emergency situations. People in Northern China eat dog meat to keep warm.

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The annual dog festival is held every year in Yulin, China. This festival serves dog meat for consumption. Crispy skin dog meat is cooked using a blow-torch and is considered a delicacy at the festival. Approximately 10,000 dogs are killed, cooked and served at the festival.

In 2011, 15,000 dogs were consumed at the festival within 10 days. New Federal regulations in Yulin, China prohibit the word dog on signs promoting the meat. China proposed legislation in 2010 to prohibit dog meat consumption. If passed, a person eating dog meat can be put in jail for 15 days. The main purpose of the legislation is to protect dogs from being mistreated.

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