What Does the Chinese Flag Represent?

chinese-flag-represent Credit: EyeOn/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The red of the Chinese flag represents the communist revolution. The largest of the five stars represents communism, whereas the four smaller stars represent the various classes of Chinese citizens. The fact that there are five stars is thought to be a reference to the symbolic importance of the number five in Chinese culture.

The flag was adopted in 1949 following the Chinese Civil War and the country's conversion to communism. The interpretation of its meaning has changed throughout time. There is speculation that there may be significance to the direction in which the four stars surrounding the big star point, states World Flags.

The flag was designed by an economist named Zeng Liansong. Liansong's design was selected from more than 3,000 entries as the winner of a nationwide flag design contest for the newly reborn communist nation. The original design of the flag had a hammer and sickle inside the largest star. The design was edited, however, before the flag was officially approved. In 1999, when China celebrated its 50th anniversary of being a communist nation, every household in China was required to display a Chinese flag. Those whose flags appeared tattered were fined the cost of a new one.