What Are Some Facts for Children About North Carolina?


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North Carolina was the 12th state to be granted statehood in the United States, becoming a state on November 21, 1789, with its capital city being Raleigh. The state beverage is milk, the state bird is the cardinal and the state flower is the dogwood.

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The state bird is the cardinal and the official colors are red and blue. North Carolina is home to some very interesting national history. The very first working airplane was flown by the Wright brothers in Kitty Hawk. The Mile High Swinging Bridge on Grandfather Mountain is the nation's highest working foot bridge. The 11th and 17th presidents of the U.S., James Polk and Andrew Johnson, were both born in North Carolina. It is highly believed that North Carolina was the first state to openly declare independence from the British rule. The University of North Carolina was the first public university to open its doors in the U.S. North Carolina was the first state to open an official state art museum. The very first Pepsi-Cola was created and served in a diner in North Carolina. Even the first English child ever to be born in North America was born in North Carolina, a baby girl named Virginia Dare.

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