What Are Some Facts About the Cheyenne Nation?


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The Cheyenne are a tribe of Great Plains Native Americans that originate from Montana, Minnesota and Oklahoma. Due to relocation, they now consist of two tribes, the southern and the northern, and reside in Oklahoma and Montana.

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The northern tribe consists of nearly 11,000 members and the southern tribe has approximately 12,000 members. The traditional Cheyenne government system is a politically unified system. The central traditional government system of the Cheyenne is the Arrow Keeper, followed by the Council of Forty-Four. The council is made of four chiefs elected by each of the 10 major bands. Smaller bands hold no rights to send representatives. This council enforces laws, makes decisions and holds ceremonies.

The Cheyenne are culturally known to be hunters, and in older times followed buffalo around as a food source. They would gather berries and roots as an alternative. Unique to their culture, women hold rank based upon their family. A woman is in higher regard if she is descended from a higher ancestor. Women are also looked upon with greater status if her family is well kept, with no alcoholics or criminals, and if she gets along well with the other females in her family, allowing day-to-day activities to flow without difficulty.

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