How Do You Check the Status of an Arriving Flight?

To check the status of an arriving flight, enter the flight number or departure and arrival airports and departure date in a flight-tracking site such as or Click Search to view up-to-date flight status information, including scheduled and actual arrival time. also offers flight-tracking apps for iPhone and Android mobile devices that can check the status of an arriving flight.

FlightStats' flight status information indicates whether the flight is on-time and includes scheduled and estimated runway arrival times. Scroll down the page to Click Track Flight On Map to view a map showing the real-time location of the plane along its flight path. Click Set Up A Flight Alert to receive status and arrival notifications to a chosen mobile device. The flight status information page also offers a link to a map of the arrival airport's terminal.

FlightView's flight status information page features a map showing the live location of the plane along its route, as well as its scheduled and estimated arrival times. The page also displays the flight's ground speed and altitude along with the remaining flight time to destination. Click Launch Live beside the flight's estimated arrival time to track the flight live and view the weather conditions along its route in a pop-up window.