What Is the Check-in Procedure for Alaska Airlines?

What Is the Check-in Procedure for Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines' web check-in begins with the passenger selecting his departure city and then entering his confirmation code, e-ticket number, mileage plan number or credit card number. He selects the passengers checking in and any bags they are checking, and then he prints boarding passes.

After looking up the reservation, any passenger that needs to check-in is selected by checking the box next to his name. If he's a mileage program member, that information is entered on the same screen. The number of bags being checked by each passenger is selected through a drop-down menu.

Alaska Airlines also offers mobile check-in, kiosk check-in and ticket counter check-in options. Check-in is available between one and 24 hours before the flight's departure time, except for kiosks, which are available 40 minutes before the departure time. When using mobile check-in, the passenger's boarding pass is sent to his mobile device.

Fees for checked bags can be paid online, at a check-in kiosk or at the ticket counter. Checked bags are dropped off at the baggage-check location. Bags are accepted four hours before the flight's departure time at most airports, although there are exceptions.

Options during the check-in process include changing a seat assignment and upgrading to first class. After check-in is complete, the user can print a travel receipt.