How Do You Check Your PNR Status With Indian Railways?

How Do You Check Your PNR Status With Indian Railways?

Travelers can check their passenger name records or PNR statuses on To go to the PNR Status webpage, click on PNR Status from the options at the top of the homepage. Enter the PNR number, which is printed on the top-left corner of the ticket, and click on Get Status. Users can also get their PNR statuses on websites such as, and

Some mobile applications for checking PNR status include Indian Rail Train info, RailYatri – Train Travelers app, PNR Status Rail Train Flight and PNR Status – Indian Railways.

Issued by the Indian Railways, a PNR is a 10-digit number that represents a passenger’s booking information. With PNR, users can check their booking and ticket confirmation statuses and find out whether their tickets are confirmed or on the waiting lists. PNR status queries are generally not available after certain times at night due to shutdown of computerized reservation applications.

There are several PNR status codes, such as CNF, RAC, GNWL, CKWL and PQWL. CNF denotes a confirmed ticket with coach and berth number available after ticket chart preparation. RAC, or reservation against cancellation, ensures sitting accommodation, but availability of berths depends on the last-minute cancellations of reserved passengers who fail to board the train.

A wait-listed PNR status is actually one of seven different statuses that correspond to different chances of the passenger's ticket actually becoming confirmed. A general wait list status is the most common type of wait-listed PNR status, and this status also has the highest chance of confirmation. Remote location and roadside wait list statuses have a very low chance of confirmation, but these statuses are very rare. Other wait-listed PNR statuses only apply in unusual circumstances or for certain railway routes.