How Do You Check Grand Central Station Train Schedules?


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As of 2015, travelers can check the train schedule for Grand Central Station, also know as Grand Central Terminal, by going to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's subway page. Grand Central Station is connected to the New York City MTA subway system and is serviced by lines 4, 5, 6, 7 and S. The MTA website contains links to all train schedules in the city as well as any service status updates for delays, planned work or normal service.

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Travelers going from or to Grand Central Station can use the TripPlanner tool provided on the MTA website. This tool allows travelers to input their origin address, destination address, date of travel, method of transportation and intended arrival time to plan a trip on the MTA system. Other information found on the website includes maps of the system, fares, tolls and any planned service changes for all subways, rails, buses, bridges and tunnels in the system.

As of 2015, Grand Central Station serves the New York City area as a commuter railroad terminal. The stations was originally built by the New York Central Railroad as part of the United States' long-distance rail system and is fitted with 44 platforms over a 48-acre area.

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