How Do You Check Current Airport Delays?


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To check current airport delays, visit a flight-tracking site such as FlightAware.com, which lists all airports experiencing delays, or check for delays at individual airports on FlightStats.com. The Federal Aviation Administration also publishes flight delay information by region or airport.

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To check a list of current airport delays on FlightAware.com, click Worldwide Airport Delays beneath the flight-tracking search box on the home page. The Airport Delays page also offers a link to its MiseryMap, which shows the current number of cancellations or delays at major U.S. airports. Select Full Delay And Cancellation Statistics to view the number of delays by airline, origin airport and destination airport.

To use FlightStats.com to check delays at a specific airport, hover over Airports on the home page, click Departures & Arrivals, enter an airport in the search box, check Departures or Arrivals, and press Search. The site lists current flights with their status. Click Delays to view a summary of current delays.

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