How Do You Check-in and Get a Boarding Pass With US Airways?

Check in online at the US Airways official website, using the U.S. Airways mobile app, or at the U.S. Airways skycab, self-serve kiosk or express check-in counter at your originating airport. When you check in online, US Airways offers to send the boarding pass to your boarding pass wallet or Passbook app. Otherwise, you can print a copy of the boarding pass at home. Passengers who check in at the airport receive their boarding pass at that time.

Passengers can check in online from 60 minutes to 24 hours before their flights, unless they have special needs or are part of a group of nine passengers or more.

Travelers who check bags can use the online service, but they must check their bags before the airport's cut-off time. At most airports, passengers must check in 30 minutes before a domestic flight and 60 minutes prior to an international flight. However, passengers must check in 45 minutes before domestic flights at large hub airports, such as Los Angeles, Newark, Las Vegas, Dallas and Atlanta.

Recommended check-in time for US Airways is 90 minutes before a domestic flight and 120 minutes prior to an international flight. Passengers must be at the gate 15 minutes before a domestic departure or 30 minutes prior to an international departure, or they risk losing their seats.