How Do You Check Bags on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines offers travelers three methods to check bags for their flights: space for travelers’ bags can be purchased online up to 24 hours before departure, in person at the airport or by phone with Spirit Airlines’ reservations center. Travelers who check bags online pay the lowest baggage check fees.

As of May 2015, Spirit Airlines charges more for baggage check-ins that take place by phone or at the airport terminal because these activities require the assistance of a customer service agent and consequently slow down the check-in process for all other passengers. Travelers who access their flight information online more than 24 hours before departure can check a bag through the Manage Travel tab on the flight information page on the Spirit Airlines website.

Spirit Airlines lets each passenger carry on a single small bag for free and charges for each additional bag depending on how the passenger chooses to check it. As of May 2015, single bag checked through Spirit Airlines’ online service before check-in costs $26, whereas the same bag costs $50 if checked at the airport group desk or via the telephone reservations center. If a passenger neglects to check a bag until arriving at the airport gate, Spirit Airlines charges $100 per item.