How Do You Check Your Airline Miles?


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To check how many airline miles have been accumulated, log in to the website of the airlines' loyalty program. Another method is to make a phone call to the offices of the loyalty program, provide the necessary identification and ask the operator for the information.

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To log in and check airline miles, enter the member identification number, found on the membership card, and the password. This can also be done with a smartphone, either directly or through an app. Signing up at an aggregating website provides information about airline miles across different carriers in a consolidated manner, eliminating the need to log in at many websites. Some apps aggregate airline miles and also allow the exchange of points between programs.

These apps make it easy to redeem points in various forms, such as premium airport facilities, shopping, meal cards and ticket upgrades. Some airline miles can be combined with cash to get good deals on car rentals, vacation packages and hotel bookings. An interesting fact is that there are ways to accumulate airline miles without boarding an aircraft. Making purchases with certain credit cards, buying and selling property and in some states even paying utility bills can accumulate airline miles.

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