What Is the Cheapest State to Live in the United States?


Mississippi was ranked as the cheapest state to live in based 2014 cost of living indexes, according to USA Today. In addition to an overall affordable cost of living, its housing prices are some of the lowest in the country. The state also boasts low prices on other basics such as food and health care services.

The average rent payment in Mississippi is $875, and the average home is valued at about $112,000, as of 2014. The median property tax rate in Mississippi is only 0.52 percent. In Jackson, Mississippi, the average cost of utilities in a small apartment is only about $175 a month, and the cost of a night out on the town is around $60.

Other states ranked as cheap places to live include Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Indiana and Kansas. While Nebraska, Alabama, Iowa and Arkansas round out USA Today's top 10.