What Are Some Cheap Taxi Services?


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Depending on the state and country, inexpensive taxi or car services include Uber, Lyft and regular taxis. Taxi fares are typically the same across all cab companies for specific cities or states. In Las Vegas, all taxi services charge the same flat rate and fee per mile for a maximum of four people. New York City taxis also charge the same fares regardless of the cab company. This city is the most expensive in the United States for cab fares.

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Other ride-sharing services, such as Uber, are not bound to the same rates as taxis, so they often charge less, making them an attractive alternative to traditional taxis. Uber offers discounted prices in several major cities with the intention of not only competing with taxi services, but undercutting their prices significantly. For instance, as of 2015, a ride via Uber from Los Angeles to Hollywood costs almost one-half the amount that a taxi service charges.

Some other inexpensive ride-sharing services include Lyft and SideCar. While both of these companies operate in dozens of major cities as of 2015, there are many locations where using them isn't an option. Many of these ride-sharing services also offer luxury options, such as limo rides.

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