How Do You Get Cheap Limo Rentals?


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Get cheap limo rentals by renting on weekdays, watching out for hidden fees, and comparing available sizes and vehicles. A limo is an extravagant rental, but these strategies can help cut down on the price.

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Renting a limo on a weekday is one of the simplest ways to save on cost. Since most limo rentals occur during the weekend, companies typically charge discounted rates during the week. Compare rates between limo companies to see which ones offer the lowest weekday prices.

Limo rentals typically come at a base hourly rate along with extra fees for gas, driver gratuity and other amenities. While fees such as gas are difficult to cut down on, it’s often possible for renters to save money by eliminating pricey accessories. Many limo companies offer expensive alcohol and snacks, but patrons can refuse these amenities to save money. Some limo companies allow renters to bring their own coolers filled with alcohol or food.

Comparing available limos is another strategy to save money. Companies often attempt to upsell patrons, convincing them to rent stretch Hummers and other expensive models. Asking about cheaper, smaller limousines that are available is a simple way to cut down on costs. Older limos are commonly far less expensive and still offer most of the luxuries available in newer models.

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