How Do You Find Cheap Flights on Kayak?


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To find cheap flights on Kayak, visit Kayak.com, click on Flights and enter flight information in the search box, including as many of the additional options as possible. Find the best prices by searching different airports in the locality and offering flexible travel dates.

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As you complete the search box on the Kayak.com/Flight home page, check Include Nearby under your chosen departure and arrival cities. Then click on Show Flexible Dates, and extend your search to include dates three days on either side of your preferred flight dates. Finally, select All beside Compare Vs. Kayak, to view the cost of flights offered on a range of other travel sites. Click on Search to view a table of available flights within your date range.

The cheapest flight is highlighted in bright green, while the most expensive is highlighted in bright pink. Click on the flight highlighted in bright green to view further information. Alternatively, scroll down the page to view all available flights listed in order of price with the cheapest first. As the cheapest flights might not be the most convenient, Kayak offers a range of sorting options including Best Price And Duration Combination. You can also filter the search by a range of options including airport and carrier.

To check that Kayak is offering the cheapest flights for your trip, visit Compare Vs. Kayak, which opens in a separate window on your device when you click on Search, and view the lowest fares available on the alternative travel sites.

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