What Are the Characteristics of Useful Online World Maps?


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The basic characteristics of useful online world maps are clear images, accurate labels, reliable information and readable fonts. Most useful online world maps label continents, large bodies of water and the Equator.

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Virtual world maps such as WunderMap or Google Maps allow a user to search for a specific area by name, latitude and longitude or region. Users can control the zoom, view and label features on the map. WunderMap is a global weather map, allowing the user to control the location, the type of weather they wish to isolate and the elapsed, current or predicted time viewed. Google Maps allows users to quickly switch between geographical maps, road maps and bird's-eye view maps. In many areas of the world, Google Maps features a street view function as well.

Geographical, topographical, theoretical, political and demographic maps are a few of the popular world maps available at MapsofWorld.com. World Atlas has world maps that range from an unlabeled outline of the continents for personal or classroom use to a map detailing global population density from the years 2012 to 2014, as verified by a research and development team. Some online maps, such as density or driving maps, are prone to frequent change.

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