What Are the Causes of Poverty in Kenya?

The causes of poverty in Kenya include extreme health problems, drought and unequal distribution of wealth. Diseases like malaria and HIV/AIDS have increased the poverty of the population. The vast majority of Kenyans live in rural areas and lack access to clean water and adequate health care.

According to the World Poverty Portal, Kenya has one of the world's highest rates of growth with a population that has tripled in size in the last three decades. There is also a disproportionate number of women who are the sole providers for their children. According to the World Bank, nearly a third of rural Kenyan households are headed by women. These women rely almost exclusively on subsistence farming for sustenance and receive very little aid from the government. Much of Kenya is arid or semi-arid making farming in a lot of areas challenging.

Children often leave school in order to work in the fields. Child labor is a difficult issue to address because so many children are orphaned or leave when they are forced into the fields due to poor harvests and drought. An increase in droughts and floods coupled with soil erosion and poor water management have become increasingly urgent issues over the last decade.