Which Caribbean Islands Are the Most Popular Vacation Destinations?

The most popular Caribbean island vacation destinations are the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica and the Bahamas. As of June 2015, every year, millions of people from all over the world visit these islands for rest, relaxation and recreation.

More than 4 million people visit the Dominican Republic every year to explore its beaches, deserts, mountains and waterfalls, as well as the sights of Santo Domingo, the largest city in the Caribbean. More than 3 million people visit Puerto Rico every year. There they enjoy the island's famous comfort food, lush rainforests and long stretches of beach, as well as the historic city of San Juan.

Cuba sees more than 2.6 million visitors every year. Tourists are drawn to its architecture, which appears to have been frozen in time, natural scenery and cuisine. The island is also a popular medical tourism destination.

Nearly 2 million people visit Jamaica each year. Known for its reggae music, particularly that of Bob Marley, jerk-seasoned chicken and other dishes, and crystal blue waters replete with dolphins, Jamaica is also filled with waterfalls, beaches and trails.

The Bahamas draw 1.3 million tourists every year. Its lodging offerings range from large-scale resorts to small motels, while its recreation options include scuba diving and all manner of water sports.