How Do You Get a Car Rental Discount From Costco?

How Do You Get a Car Rental Discount From Costco?

Costco members get access to car rental discounts through the store's official website, A card membership number is required to get the applicable discount codes.

The membership savings club Costco provides customers with wholesale discounts to more than just groceries. It is also possible to find savings on travel-related expenses such as car rentals using the company's website. To get these discounts, customers need their Costco cards and access to the Internet. Follow the steps below to find deals on car rentals.

  1. Go to the site
  2. Go to Click on the Travel and Luggage department in the left-hand menu. Scroll down and click on Rental Cars.

  3. Search for car rental discounts
  4. Fill in the Find a Rental Car form on the left side of the page. Required information includes the pickup location, drop-off location and dates for both. Click on the Search button and review the available car rentals with the prices and applicable discounts included. Click on the Continue button in the column showing the desired car rental; review the rental options and click Continue again.

  5. Sign in with a Costco membership
  6. Sign into the Costco Travel page with the membership card and password. Finish booking the car rental via the Costco website. This may require providing payment information and finalizing the booking dates for the rental.