How Do You Get a Car Permit to Travel to Mexico?

Travelers to Mexico who require a car permit must submit the required information, such as proof of citizenship and the title for the car, post a bond that ensures the car will leave Mexico and pay the processing fee. This can be completed online or in person at one of the Banjercito branches located near the border. Those who do not obtain a car permit can have their car confiscated by Mexican customs officers.

Use the following steps to obtain a car permit to travel to Mexico:

  1. Gather the required information
  2. To obtain a car permit, visitors to Mexico must show proof of citizenship, the title for the car, the car’s registration and a valid driver’s license. Make sure all this information is updated and complete before applying for the permit.

  3. Apply online
  4. Visitors can apply online for a car permit no more than 60 days before arrival. Those who apply more than 10 days will receive their permit in the mail; otherwise, car permits can be picked up at any Banjercito office.

  5. Pay the processing fee
  6. Pay the processing fee using a credit card. A bond will also need to be paid to guarantee that the car will leave Mexico by the stated departure date on the application.

  7. Send copies of the required documents
  8. Once the permit is received, visitors must send in copies of the required documents either by email, mail or in-person at any Banjercito office.