What Is the Capital of Syria?

The capital city of Syria is Damascus. It is located in southwestern part of Syria, and it is the country's second largest city after Aleppo. Damascus has been referred to as "the pearl of the East" because of its lushness and beauty.

Damascus was founded in the third millennium B.C., making it one of the oldest cities in the Middle East. During the middle ages, it served as the center of a successful craft industry, specializing in lace and swords.

Damascus has more than 125 monuments from different times in history; the most important ones include St. Ananias Church, Azem Palace, Damascus Citadel, Umayyad Mosque, Old Sougs such as Midhat Pasha and Al-Hamidieyeh, Saladin's Tomb, Al-Takieh Al-Suleimaniyeh and Bimarstan Al-Nory.