What Is the Capital of Algeria?

capital-algeria Credit: MAISANT Ludovic / hemis.fr/hemis.fr/Getty Images

The capital of Algeria is Algiers. It is located in north-central Algeria in a large bay in the Mediterranean Sea. Algiers is the largest city in the republic.

The city of Algiers is sometimes called "El-Behdja" or "Alger la Blanche" for the visible white outcroppings that rise up from the sea. Its Arabic name "al-Jaza'ir" came from the Berbers that reestablished Algiers in the 9th century. The city came under the rule of the Spaniards in the early 16th century, the Ottomans in 1529 and the French in 1830. In 1954, the Algerian War of Independence broke out and in 1957, the war reached the city of Algiers. The French president finally granted Algeria its independence in 1962.