What Is the Cancellation Policy at Booking.com?

Booking.com offers its customers free cancellations on most rooms. No cancellation fee is charge if a reservation is cancelled up to two days before the date of arrival.

While Booking.com offers customers free cancellation of their reservations, whether a cancellation is granted free of charge depends on the particular hotel’s policies. Some hotels have non-refundable policies, which means that a fee is charged to customers who decide to cancel or make changes to their bookings. Certain hotels charge customers for the full amount of the reservation if a cancellation is made on a non-refundable room.

A cancellation of a booking is only done free of charge if the cancellation is done within a specific time period that is set by the hotel. Information about specific time periods and hotel policies are included in all booking email confirmations.

Reservations that require a down payment or pre-payment may be cancelled by the hotel if the remaining fees are not paid by a specified date. Different hotel cancellation and no-show policies can be reviewed prior to making a reservation online on Booking.com.

Special rates and offers are not eligible for cancellation or change. Cancellations of bookings can be done via the Booking.com website.