How Do You Cancel United Airlines Reservations Online?

To cancel a United Airlines reservation online, passengers need either the confirmation number and passenger’s last name or Mileage Plus account number used when making the reservation. Passengers sign in online through the United Airlines site, select the reservation to cancel and click “request a refund.” Follow the guided steps to confirm reservation cancellation and select what type of refund to receive.

Depending on how quickly the reservation is canceled after booking, the passenger may be entitled to a full or partial refund of the ticket price. Tickets cancelled within the first 24 hours after booking are eligible for a full refund. Refunds are made in the same manner as the original transaction. After the 24-hour period, only tickets allowing refunds will be able to apply for one at cancellation.

Tickets with non-refundable fares may only receive a partial or full refund if cancelled after 24 hours in extenuating circumstances, including jury duty, death of the passenger or some illnesses. Documentation must be provided in these instances. All refunds processed for reservations cancelled after the 24-hour period may be subject to a $50 processing fee. For refunds that require documentation, passengers are required to cancel the reservation then forward the documentation to United Airlines customer service. Canceled or delayed flights that are eligible for partial or full refunds must also be submitted for a refund request.