Where Can You Find a View of the World Map?


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Individuals can find and view world maps on MapsOfWorld.com and MapQuest.com. Both maps show the nations of the world and the borders between them, and both are interactive, allowing users to click on smaller nations, cities and states for information. Users can also print both maps for free.

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The MapsOfWorld.com world map also contains a list of countries that are too small to have their names on the map. Additional features include a kilometer scale and the names of oceans and major lines of latitude (such as the Tropic of Cancer). Individuals can click on a nation to see a full map of that nation and its major cities, landforms, bodies of water and points of interest.

Upon entering MapQuest.com, users can zoom out to see more of the world map and use the cursor to move to different locations on the map. The user can also zoom in to specific locations or use the search engine to search for a particular country, state or province, or city. In addition to naming each country, the map also shows major bodies of water. Users can view the map as a satellite image by clicking on the globe icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

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