Can You Walk on Canada's Spotted Lake?


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Mineral deposits not only give Canada's Spotted Lake its trademark, namesake appearance, they also make it theoretically possible for people to walk across the lake. Though it's possible to walk on the mineral deposits, which form bridge-like structures between the circular patches of water, doing so is not advised. The mineral deposits may be hard, but they are considered delicate, and too much foot traffic could cause damage that would spoil the natural effect.

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Can You Walk on Canada's Spotted Lake?
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As part of British Columbia's desert, Spotted Lake loses much of its water during the summertime. This is when the circular features become most apparent, as the water evaporates and leaves behind mineral deposits that form buildups around the remaining puddles of lake water. These mineral deposits can be colorful in appearance, helping to enhance the aesthetic curiosity of the site. The area is also sometimes known by its original First Nations name, Kliluk.

Minerals and other natural resources found in the lake include calcium, sodium sulphate, magnesium sulfate and titanium. Canada used this lake's natural resources to help make explosives during World War I. These minerals are the very ingredients that help make the unusual forms found in the lake.

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