Where Can You Find a Vermont Fall Foliage Map?


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Some online resources that provide Vermont foliage maps are the Central Vermont, Discover New England and Foliage Vermont websites. At the Central Vermont site, there is a map of this region of Vermont that displays the different cities in the area and a simulation of how the trees change color from September through October.

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The foliage changes most dramatically from the middle of September to mid- October. However, visitors in areas of Central Vermont can see the most dramatic leaf colors during the first week in October, notes the Central Vermont website.

The Foliage Vermont site provides four maps of the progression of foliage color changes. Foliage begins change in color from the northeast section and extends to southern sections of Vermont. At the northeast region, colors peak from the last week in September to the first week on October. In the most southerly regions, colors tend to peak towards the middle of October.

Discover New England is an online resource that provides foliage maps for Vermont and the other New England states, including Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The fall foliage maps at this site are updated in autumn. This site also provides other links to other sites that also have these types of maps and reports, including the Weather Channel and Yankee Magazine. Additionally, the site also has foliage hotline number for each of the New England states.

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