How Can You Find the Most Updated Prices for Cheap Airfare on Kayak?


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To get the most updated and cheapest airfare prices, Kayak advises clients to plan ahead, be flexible and to avoid peak travel times and seasons. Kayak is a tech company that built a search engine to compare airfare prices from most major carriers.

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Planning ahead means booking an airline ticket as soon as possible. Airlines usually offer cheaper rates for clients who book 14 to 21 days out. The closer the purchase is to the departure date, the more expensive the rate.

Since airline pricing is based on when business travelers fly, it's usually more expensive to fly on a Monday, Thursday or Friday. Business travelers tend to fly out the beginning of the week and return home before the weekend. Flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to have the lowest fares.

It's also less expensive to fly on flights that most people don't want. Early morning flights and overnight flights are the least popular on leisure routes, while mid-day flights are pretty empty on business routes. Fewer people on the plane also means more room to stretch out.

Getting a cheap fare during a holiday season, such as Thanksgiving or during the Christmas break, is tough. The exception is Christmas day. It is possible to get cheaper fares if you book far in advance. The airlines periodically look at the number of seats booked and reprice the rest of the inventory accordingly. Depending on the route and destination, this repricing could begin months out.

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