How Can You Get a Free Trip to London?


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Winning a contest or sweepstakes, using credit card reward points and taking advantage of no-cost attractions are some ways to enjoy a London vacation for free. Once the traveler secures transportation to London, couch surfing is one way to obtain free accommodations in the city.

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A traveler who wishes to visit London for free might try her luck at a sweepstakes such as the one offered by the Gillette Shave Club in October 2015. The sweepstakes, which is affiliated with the release of the James Bond movie "Spectre," offers a free trip to London and Rome as its grand prize. Although the odds of winning such a sweepstakes are small, entry is free. The traveler can increase her odds of winning a trip by entering as many sweepstakes as she can find.

The traveler can obtain free airfare by amassing points with a credit card that offers travel rewards. When applying for a card, the traveler should take into consideration the card's annual fee and interest rate, as well as the rate at which she can earn reward points. She should also be aware of which airlines accept the points.

Once in London, the traveler can take advantage of free attractions such as the Museum of London and Covent Garden. As an alternative to paying for a hotel, the traveler may elect to couch surf, which involves staying at a host's house for free, sometimes in exchange for housework or other help.

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