How Can Travelers Rent Housing in Italy?

How Can Travelers Rent Housing in Italy?

To rent housing in Italy, travelers can scout out rooms on vacation rental websites or contact local rental agencies, scout out the location, review the rental agreement and pay the deposit. They should sort out directions to the rental and arrange key pickup before arrival.

Run through the following steps to rent vacation housing in Italy.

  1. Scout out housing options
  2. There are a few ways to scout out vacation apartments and houses in European countries such as Italy. Rental websites such as Airbnb, GreatRentals, HomeAway and VRBO are popular online rental options. Local rental agencies can also be a good option for renting a place during a stay in Italy. Many rental agencies also operate websites for convenient screening and booking.

  3. Choose a place
  4. Choose a specific house or apartment available for rent after reviewing online listings.

  5. Scout out the location
  6. Before committing to a rental, do some research about the area. Look up the neighborhood along with parking and transportation options. Also do some research on the building itself to make sure that it is in the same condition as it appears in the photos and descriptions.

  7. Review the rental agreement
  8. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of the rental before proceeding.

  9. Pay the deposit
  10. Pay the deposit for the rental. Some agencies and websites may ask for the entire cost in advance.

  11. Arrange for key pickup
  12. Arrange for a time and place to pick up the keys.

  13. Look up directions
  14. Look up directions to the place before arrival.